Exclusive Gorilla Trekking Vs Normal Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

There have been many questions from the guests at volcanoes national park about the difference between normal gorilla trekking and Exclusive gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park. This article will enlighten you about all the merits and the demerits of Exclusive gorilla trekking over normal gorilla trekking.

Exclusive gorilla trekking is one of the top-rated luxurious activities in the volcanoes National Park and the whole Rwanda At large and is the only private gorilla trekking in Rwanda.


The rate of luxury safaris in Rwanda has been on the rise, particularly due to the growing demand for private and exclusive gorilla trekking experiences. As a result of this demand, clients can now have the opportunity to book exclusive gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park as either a couple trek or a family trek.

Exclusive gorilla trekking costs 15000 USD and it also includes more added advantages over the normal gorilla trekking of 1500 USD as follows; –

The clients are allowed to choose their own gorilla family to be tracked which increases their freedom and their choice. Where by every family has its own entertaining factors

The clients can enjoy their briefing while taking their delicious Rwandan coffee at the lodge. And this gives a chance to guests who arrive late to get extra care and start the trip at their own time.

The clients can invite their friends to join them on the trek either a friend or a family member which makes the Rwanda gorilla trek a nice look of a lifetime experience provided the limit still remains 8 people.

The client can choose his or her guide for that particular trek so as to enjoy this memorable trek with someone of your choice compared to the normal trek where the park officials appoint you a guide that day.

The client gets enough space for the enjoyment since there is no competition of space with other guests. This trek is always good for photographers, honeymooners, family vacations, and solo travelers compared to the normal trek where clients have to fight for space.

The client can start the trek at any time of their choice since the gorilla family is reserved for them that day compared to the normal time of the trek that starts at 7am exactly

When you book an exclusive gorilla trek in Rwanda, you expect to be treated like royalty as you trek through the Volcanoes National Park with the help of our expert guides.

Now that you know the advantages of a private exclusive gorilla trek in Rwanda, you are free to choose to book one, choose the gorilla family you want to spend time with, and have the entire mountain gorilla family to yourself.

However, Exclusive private gorilla treks adhere to the same rules and regulations as regular gorilla treks. While on the hike, everyone must adhere to the normal gorilla trekking guidelines.

You should also know that exclusive gorilla trekking requires advanced booking and is therefore dependent on the availability of gorilla permits. There are only eight people allowed to visit each gorilla family per day, and as 96 permits are sold out every day, it means a private excursion will prevent eight people from seeing the gorillas. Therefore, more than 8 gorilla permits must be available each day in

Volcanoes National Park, where the gorilla trekking activity takes place, for one to be allowed to pursue on a private gorilla trekking experience.