Welcome to Volcanoes National Park Headquarters.

The Volcanoes national park headquarters. is located in the in Northern province of Rwanda, in the Village of Kinigi in the district of Ruhengeri in the province of Musanze, It is about 2 hours and a half minutes drive from Kigali to this scenic national park. Normally those who are going to do gorilla trek or any other activity are advised to start driving from Kigali by 4 :30 so they are able to be at Volcanoes national park on time for the actual briefing time

Volcanoes national park head quarters It is the center for all the tourism activities what would call the hub of tourism for all ranger activities starts from the same place which is the park head quarters, found in Kinigi. As the park head quarters was created from the old former Virunga national park way back in 1922, when the park was recreated, , it’s official time. The park , park is known for its beauty and the high concatenation of the great apes and for its scenic beauty, the official reporting time for any activity in this park is 6:45Am

Volcanoes National park in Rwanda

That’s where clients gather at this park to get together for the good for those who have activities to do the real checking time, As guides will be going through gorilla passes especially to those going gorilla trekking, same will be done to other visitors going for their different activities or passes. All those who do not buy their permits in advance, they can pay for that specific activity on sight provided there’s space on that very day for that particular activity on arrival. This park, you can access it all the way from whichever direction you come from any vehicle can access the pack headquarters being the fact that the place is very Tamaxed. with good roads , good infrastructures

And the road are tamarked, all the way from Kigali, from Katuna border from Chanika . From Gisenyi, the road is all away nice while at the park headquarters we offer complementary Tea, and Americano, Capuchino, which is free of charge. So, old clients can order cappuccino or anything they want.as refreshment meanwhile youre waiting to go to your respective gorilla families or part activity of the day

From this scenic place., normally when it guests are showing up after the briefing. Clients are respected to go into direct respective gorilla, families. Which they have already booked the day before in advance by submitting the requests from the online form, which is given to every guest , by their driver guides, Normally the gorilla family selections and special requests are received through that form, which you submit in advance a day before to the actual gorilla trek.

Then your guide will be able to know the next day, which gorilla, family, or which activity to go to. And who is you assigned guide? , at this park head quarters there are several loges which are located across the park. This would include five volcanoes lodge, which is about to 10 minutes drive from the lodge to the park Quarters.
mountain gorilla view lodge is about 10 to 15 minutes drive from where the lodge is to the park quarters. We have. One and only gorillas nest lodge, which is about 20 minutes drive to get to the parking quarters. We have other lodges like one and only, it’s about 10 minutes drive from the lodge.

The park headquarters, we have Sisate lodge. It’s also in a range of 15 to 20 minutes drive to get to the park. Uh those who have activities like the bisoke hike can be advised to have a strong 4×4 Landcruiser as the trailhead to the starting poing of this hike requires a strong car These activities are away from the park headquarters. So you receive the briefing from the park offices then you drive to the base camp, the starting point of the hike .

when it comes to gorilla tracking, gorilla families are distributed. Very close to the park headquarters. So after receiving a briefing from the central place, which is at the park head quarters, And then you are distributed to different locations according to where the location of your gorilla family, where you find your porters, and walking stick .

What happens after debriefing? After the briefing, you are assigned to go into your respective vehicles, to drive with your driver guide/ranger to take you to the starting point of your respective, gorilla families. normally the issue of guests coming with their face masks is no longer necessary, the park gives free mask to avoid spreading the risk of infecting gorillas

What happens after the gorilla tracking? When you return from your gorilla tracking you drive back to your respective vehicle, then you drive to your next destination the issue of.

We no longer issue what we call the gorilla certificates, but we give you the form to the Instagram, for you to fill inn and to give the recommendations about the particular gorilla family visited . Other things, which are surrounded by the volcanoes national park included, visiting Ellen Degeneres museum by diane fossey , if you traveled with children, this would be the best place for kids to spend much of their time reading the great deeds of the primate legend Dianne fossey).

Whats Ibiwachu Cultural Centre Currently known as the Gorilla Guardian, this unique place is one of the Unesco sight that was set to embrace the historical nature and culture of the Rwandan people right from the evolution of the Rwandan people or tribe ,People , the people who demonstrates their performance were those who used to be like poachers but now they have embraced the actual importance of tourism so they are coming together. It’s the way to earn a living through performing the character and reinstallation of the Rwandan culture.

So this activity is paid 25 dollars per person . It’s indirect the part of the park, but run by a private entity. So, all revenue directly goes to this association and its where the park also makes supplement or pays one Percent to this. community since these people directly patriciate towards sustainability of mountain gorillas and by all means by paying avisit to this community , its makes the community stay for generations Did you know that the Ellen Degeneres Museum contributes greatly to Karisoke Research Fund But because of the work and the legacy set by one of the famous ladies such, Ellen DeGeneres. She dedicated her work To put forward the legacy that will set behind by Diana forcing to build a new museum based on modern in the time light of Rwandas tourism by fsetting up apermanent structure where the great work of Diane fossy will be remembered for life as she where you can watch Godidas, offered a permanent structure for the Karisoke research fund , once you visit this museaum the vitual reality show of gorilla trekking in a 3D movie wont leave you the same .but the virtual reality in a 3d dimensions and it gives you an overview information about the evolution of mankind and how the great apes have been distributed over the world and it contributes through the conservation.

And ensures the sustainability of the mountain goal is and to ensure the co-existence of man and other primates in the same vicinity where we have the mountain goal leaders, the humans, We have the elephants, we have other animals that live in a prosecimity with the mountain equals.