How to Book a Gorilla Permit – Uganda, Rwanda, Congo

Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are home to the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas. As a result, these countries are popular destinations for ecotourists who want to see these endangered animals in their Natura habitat. Every year, thousands of visitors come to Uganda and Rwanda to take part in gorilla trekking trips. These trips not only provide an opportunity to encounter these magnificent creatures up close, but also contribute to the conservation of mountain gorillas. How to Book a Gorilla Permit for Rwanda, Uganda & Congo?

In order to visit the mountain gorillas, every guest must acquire a gorilla trekking permit. Permits can be obtained through a tour operator or safari company that purchases them from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda and RDB in Rwanda. The cost of a gorilla permit is $800 in Uganda and $1500 in Rwanda. Here is all you need to know about how you can acquire a gorilla trekking permit – How to Book a Gorilla Permit .

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What is a gorilla trekking permit?

A gorilla trekking permit is legal document or an authorization card that allows you to access gorilla trekking premises and trek gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and D. R Congo. On a normal basis, this permit allows you to spend about one full hour with the gorillas in the wild and the price is per person per trek.

Gorilla Habituation Permits – How to Book a Gorilla Permit

Besides the normal gorilla trekking, there is also another gorilla trekking experience known as the Gorilla habituation experience. This is different from the normal gorilla trekking. Gorilla habituation is the process of introducing wild gorillas to the presence of humans. The gorilla habituation permits are different from the normal gorilla trekking permits and this experience is only found in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Gorilla habituation

permits are more expensive than regular gorilla permits, as they allow guests to spend more time ( 4 hours) with the gorillas, rather than just one. A Gorilla habituation permit costs $1500 per person per trek.

Here is How to Book a Gorilla Permit for 2024 – 2025

Gorilla Trekking Permit

Gorilla Trekking Permit

In Uganda, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is the government agency responsible for issuing gorilla permits. Whereas, in Rwanda, the Rwanda Development board (RDB) is in charge of issuing permits and conserving gorillas and their habitat. Both UWA and RDB oversee tourism and wildlife conservation in their respective countries.

You can buy permits directly, but it’s more convenient to work with a reputable tour company. Usually, the price of a gorilla safari includes the permit to see the endangered mountain gorillas. To ensure availability, it’s recommended to book at least six months in advance. In Rwanda, you can purchase a permit from Rwanda Development Board or any registered Rwanda safari company.

Booking a gorilla permit with us – Our gorilla permit Booking Procedures

To book a gorilla trekking permit ( gorilla trekking safari) we recommend that you follow the following guidelines or steps;

Contact us: To book your gorilla permit, you need to reach us through our websites or any other means like social media platforms or emails addresses that are available all over our different platforms. Our team is readily available and you will get instant response from them.

Availability and Dates: To book your gorilla permit, we will first inquire about the availability on the specific dates of your preference. Gorilla permits are limited in number

and a certain number of permits is offered for each day. To ensure you succeed, we recommend booking well in advance especially if you are planning to visit during the peak times.

Personal Details: After we have confirmed the availability of permits on your preferred trekking dates, we will then proceed with your personal details. The necessary details for booking a gorilla permit include the full name, nationality, passport number, and any other medical details or restrictions.

Payment: we will then provide you with the information about the cost of the gorilla permits and the payment process. The payments are usually done in advance to secure the permits.

Confirmation: once the payment is done, we will provide you with a confirmation of your booking including the date, time and where you will trek from. After you have received these details, you will then make copies and travel with them when your travel time comes. The original copies of your permit will be readily available and your guide will hand them over to you at the moment you meet them.

How Much Does A Gorilla Permit Cost In Uganda?

A regular gorilla permit costs $700 per person per trek and allows you to spend one hour with the gorillas. On the other hand, a gorilla habituation permit costs $1500 per trek and gives you the opportunity to spend up to four hours with the gorillas. It’s important to note that the gorilla habituation permits are limited and require advanced booking.

Cost of Rwanda Gorilla Permit

If you are planning to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, it’s good to know that a gorilla permit costs $1500 per person. This fee covers the cost of park entry, guiding, and security.

Congo Gorilla Permit

The cheapest option for gorilla tracking is in Congo where a gorilla trek permit costs $400 per person per trek. Visitors get to experience the Virunga National Park.

How Do I Cancel A Gorilla Permit? Any Refunds

It’s important to note that when booking a gorilla trekking permit, the fees are paid directly to the government. In the event of a cancellation, the government will be responsible for issuing refunds, not the tour operator or safari company. The travel agent can only provide a refund if the government reimburses the tour company. Therefore, it’s crucial to confirm your travel dates, flights, and other details before booking your permit for the trek.

Refund policy is as below.

1. In the event that you cancel and merely paid a deposit, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement.

2. If you cancel 3 months before your trekking date, you will receive up to 75% refund.

3. If you cancel 1 and 1/2 months before your trek, a 50% refund will be effected.

4. A month before will attract only 25% refund.

5. If you cancel within or just a week before, expect no refund.

What Does A Gorilla Permit Cover

When planning a gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda, it’s important to note that a permit is required. This permit allows you to have armed guides accompany you from the moment you enter the forest to the point where you see the gorillas and back to the trekking point.

However, it’s worth noting that other costs like accommodation, transport, porter services, meals, water, and any other personal expenses are not included in the permit.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible, it’s advisable to discuss your needs with your tour operator. They can provide you with information on whether you will require a porter, trekking pole, rain jacket, and other necessary equipment when embarking on a gorilla safari. By discussing these details in advance, you can be adequately prepared for the trek and fully enjoy the experience without any unforeseen challenges.