Official Information About Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Planning ahead of your visit is beyond contacting a reputable tours company that is familiar with the region. For others, this goes hand in hand with having a plan B in case you fail to get a trekking permit for a preferred trekking day, accommodation options, and overlooks. My team and I want to help you plan like a park ranger with a few tips to help you navigate the busy and less busy season.

Visitors checklist

Basic information

There is a difference between a good trip and a great trip. Therefore, planning ahead eases the strain of travelling to new environments.

Physical address and directions

Volcanoes national park is located north east of Rwanda near Uganda in the north and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. From Kigali, the park is approximately 93.9km (2 hours drive) on a smooth road. From Kisoro, Volcanoes national park is approximately, 43.1km by road about 1hr and 10 minutes.

Operating hours

Apart from emergency situations, the park is open 7 days a week from 6am to 5pm.

Fees and passes

Volcanoes National Park charges park entry fees which are used to help maintain park infrastructure and support visitor services. Save time at the entrance by purchasing your permits days before you get to the park.

Tourist Permit fee

Visitor category Adult Child
Foreigner $40
Foreign resident in Rwanda $30 $25
Rwanda Citizen RWF 3000 RWF 2000
East African Citizen $25 $25
East African Foreign resident $35 $25

Visitor centers

Volcanoes national park has its park headquarters located at Kinigi the northern province of Rwanda only 2 hours drive from Kigali.


The weather at Volcanoes national park varies daily and may be rainy and chilly at any time of the year. Be prepared for the park’s unpredictable weather.

What to pack

Unlike other hiking adventures, the gorilla trekking experience is no walk in the park. Some trails are steep and slippery as you hike through the thick tropical rainforest. Here is a list of what you should pack for your gorilla trekking experience. Long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, hiking boots, hardy gloves, socks, a lightweight rain jacket, insect repellent, water bottle, a camera among others.

Gorilla Permit

A gorilla tracking permit ordinally costs $1500 for international tourists. Book your permit in advance the Rwanda Development Board or any registered tour company.


Whether inside or outside the park, there are plenty of accommodation options for every one and every budget. Book yours ahead of your trip to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Directions and transportation

Volcanoes national park is located north east of Rwanda near Uganda in the north and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. The park is 2 hours drive on a smooth road from Kigali- Rwanda’s capital. By air, the park ….

Things to do

Other than gorilla trekking which is the highlight of the park, there is plenty to do at Volcanoes National Park. Visitors also get to enjoy; golden monkey trekking, birding, nature walks among others. Close your eyes. Picture an alpha silverback rising up or moving about from the deep of the forest. Golden monkeys jumping from one branch to the next, twin lakes at the base of Muhabura glint the sky, Mount Karisimbi piercing above the blue sky, and Bisoke with its beautiful view. Surely, there is no place like Volcanoes National Park. READ MORE

Weather and climate

Visiting Rwanda for gorilla trekking can be done all year round. However, the best time to travel is during the drier seasons between December to March and June to September. Visitors traveling on budget may travel between the months March- May and July to September which are usually wet. This is because during this season several hotels offer visitors discounted food and sleeping services. READ MORE