A Step By Step Process of Trekking Gorillas in Volcanoes with Rwanda Gorilla Trek

The reputable agency, Rwanda gorilla trek will assist in obtaining you a gorilla pass

  • $1500 the official permit fee nationals
  • $200 for east African citizens
  • $500 for African residents with valid passport
  • $500 for East African residents

– Expect to be driven to the base area for briefing. It is well-kept, clean bathrooms. Very good cafeteria for free coffee.

You will be  splinted into groups and assigned to a guide. The groups consist of max 8 persons, and max of 12 groups per day making a total of 96 members. This is done to ensure sustainability and conservation of the mountain gorillas plus other animals that live within the ecosystem.

Process of Trekking Gorillas

Process of Trekking Gorillas

We have a team of professional trained  guides,

You receive  an in-depth explanation about mountain gorillas in general, the sounds that they make, how to react, the rules wearing face mask in presence of gorillas  what will roughly happen throughout the experience of 1 hour when you’re with the apes , how long we will have to walk ? this may range from 2-8 hours depending on the food distribution within the jungle and the season , normally in dry season June –sept , gorillas move a lot  compared to the rainy season march –April  and the family which

– In our case youre  so lucky to be allocated to the  Sabinyo, Omubano, Muhoza, Sebukuru,and Kwitonda Amahoro group. A, these don’t move a lot .

After the briefing from the park office, you go back to the respective vehicles and you drive to the closest accessible point. From there, you’re  given walking sticks and also  those who wish to get porters d that the time they can choose to pick who to be their porters  , porters are paid $15 a day but you’re free to add on that at the end of the service  these  porters are a way to support the local community  these are the first people to be considered into conservation- do consider making use of them to support then local empowerment.

Consider having nice  hiking shoes and Gaiters  

hiking shoes and Gaiters

hiking shoes and Gaiters

Have enough water , long trousers, drinking water , walking stick , take a rain jacket, some snacks. & enough money for tips

 After meeting the gorillas, you walk with the gorillas until one hour is done,. This is the point where we at the same time meet the trackers, , These are part of park rangers that go before you, they wake up during the time when the gorillas are still in their nests, begin walking with them , they always have toki-toki  and send a signal to the ranger guide where to meet them, these trackers knows the secrets of the forest very much to the extent that rangers cant get lost with the help of coordinates, please note that no USE of drones are allowed during gorilla trekking .- we cant neglect the big job done by these trackers slowly leads the group  to the gorillas.


watching gorillas in volcanoes

watching gorillas in volcanoes

Meeting the gorillas is mind blowing experience – almost feeling like jaw dropping experience  – Gorilla experience will leave you speechless, especially on lucky day once you find the gorilla babies , juveniles, mothers and big boss(silverback active) its really a life time experience that I would recommend to every one to add gorillas on his or her bucket list .Can you believe me that apart from going to the space , gorilla trekking in remains the only most 1 hours enjoyed  expensive activity if one is to add the flights, accommodation and other logistics in the world . So if you have the $$$ and time, please do it, we only live once.

After a successful trekking is done, you will be told to say bye bye to the trackers, and every one will be requested to leave something behind to them in form of tips, for their successful job to find and leading us to the gorillas so I advise to move with some  extra $$$ for emergency – After the one-hour is up, the guide will lead you back to safe place to share your personal observation and analysis about the entire activity of trekking the gorillas and to give tips to your ranger guides and porters . This may not compulsory but how could you leave the ranger without something honestly? tips are expected by every one in Rwanda ,so if you’re travelling to Rwanda and you expect to take part in some activities be aware to have some small dollars of francs to tip