Buhanga Forest Eco Walk in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Buhanga Forest Eco Walk in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda takes you exploring nature in Rwanda. Buhanga Forest Eco Walk-Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is your adventurous walk to do close to Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.

Buhanga eco walk in Rwanda gives you an opportunity to explore the Eco Forest Park which comprises a candid Forest occupying an area of 31 hectares as well as known to be sacred due to the fact that rituals which were done by the Kings of Yore of Rwanda as enthrone and initiations for kingship.

Buhanga Eco Park

Buhanga Eco Park

The forest has stunning ecosystems that are perfect for all travelers that love nature as you follow the stony trails beneath tall huge trees, with climbing and creeping plants. They inhabit colorful butterflies and different bird species.

The Eco Walk takes place any time around the year following differing nature trails starting early morning and afternoon with a skilled park ranger guide. During the morning and afternoon, birds are flying around their natural forest habitat singing songs making the whole hike worthwhile.

The clusters in the forest have different stories to tell about the reigns of the kings and yore people’s traditions of Rwanda.

The Three-in-one tree

The three-in-one tree was known as a sign of unity, peace, and harmony between the three Rwandan ethnic groups that served the King loyally. In Kinyarwanda, the three-in-one tree is referred to as “Inyabutatu” after three different tree species i.e; the Inigabiro, Igihondondo, and Umusando which joined to form a three-in-one-tree.

Here you view the Umuvumu as referred to by the Banyarwanda meaning “the curse.” It is known as this because it is said that one day thirty traditional men gathered and cut it down for firewood although before they carried it home, the tree turned back into its original state, and these men all perished with their families the next day. There is a spring that overflows during dry seasons then almost dries up in the wet seasons and provides water for domestic use to hundreds of people as well as blessings too.

The Dark cave

This cave is known to have been a showering place for the Kings hence were wheeled in the royal carriage, referred to as the “Ingobyi.” The King used to transfer from his palace in Nyanza to the dark cave and on reaching there, he would stop to take his shower with spring water mixed with local herbs collected from the small ditch. This was known as a fortune-bestowing bath, known as “Kwihagira” in Kinyarwanda. After bathing, the king was wiped thoroughly then smeared with regal oil, and after could be carried to the conference podium.

Buhanga Eco Forest

Buhanga Eco Forest

Conference Podium

At the Conference Podium, the king would receive his kingship instruments which were useful while he was in power, protection, blessings, and guidance from the gods. After this, he was officially titled the “Umwami” of Rwanda. The ceremony was then presided over by his elders, clan heads, royal sorcerers, and his advisory team. This ceremony ensured the proper growth and development of their kingdom from external aggression and also made invasions of other territories by the kingdom flexible.

A small Ditch at Buhanga Eco Park

The candid ditch is a place where the King’s royal assistants referred to as the Abiru in Kinyarwanda, would collect local herbs which were added into spring water for cleansing before the King took a ritual bath as part of the process of the King’s coronation. That ditch is enfolded by candid lava stones and a flowery thicket. logical park (one day walk in nature)