Golden Monkeys in Rwanda | Volcanoes National Park

The golden monkeys are an endemic species of the Virunga massif. They are found in Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga national park, Gishwati forest, and Virunga National Park in Congo.

Golden monkeys live in families. The number of members per group varies between 30 to 75 individuals. This includes one dominant male, females, juveniles, and babies. The dominant males and adult females are responsible to protect the territory and resources found, mostly females defend the food.

A dominant male leads the group from one to 10 years, coordinates all the activities in the group, and decides where to go where to stand, and what to do. Two groups are regularly identified in Volcanoes national park such as the Musonga group which occupies 74 ha and is located on Karisimbi´s slopes with 120 individuals.

Kabatwa group has a territory of 60 ha and is located on Sabyinyo slopes with 150 individuals. This is the most visited and very habituated. The golden monkeys visit to open up in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda in July 2003

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golden monkey in Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park)

What makes golden monkeys famous in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda /Virunga massif?

The Golden Monkey (Cercopithecus kandti) is another specie in the apes family, that is regarded as an endangered species found only in the Albertine Rift of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda in what we call the Virunga massif. These brightly-colored monkeys live in groups of up to 80-90 individuals as they socialize and do their daily routine. Due to human activities and the continued disappearance of the natural habitat where these sub specie of apes live it has made Sadly, there are fewer than 3,500 of these playful primates remaining due primarily to habitat loss, especially as a result of human interference in the ecosystem.

Whoever takes part in visiting Rwanda’s golden monkey trek is another story that’s spread around like wildfire as it’s the second activity done in volcanoes national park Rwanda .this activity is arranged similar to what would the same process as going on a gorilla trek, and participants in Golden Monkey trek have to be led by the park rangers at Volcanoes national park. After a short briefing at the park headquarters at Kinigi, which is the sole place where all visitors to volcanoes park have to register, the park is very close to most of the famous/popular luxury lodges such as the Bisate lodge, One and Only gorillas Nest and Singita lodge, Five volcanoes, etc

What happens after the golden monkey briefing?

Always one has to drive to the lower slopes of Mt. Sabyinyo to begin the trek. This is permanent start point for those going on the golden monkey trek unlike those who go for the gorilla trek as the starting point always changes Even though this trek  is shorter and less strenuous than the gorilla treks, its

Do I Need to Hire a Porter if I Am Going on a Golden Monkey Trek

Choosing to hire a porter might be looked at as being luxurious in eyes of the young generation but if you can afford to hire one, please do it only take a few USD$ 15 but it’s one way to encourage the conservation of these pages by the locals, not only on that but at times due to the muddy, slippery terrain and sometimes narrow paths to reach the park boundaries, its better to take one as he assists to make you navigate through the veins and potatoes fields well .you’re advised  to follow  the Volcanoes National park rangers through vast farms with crops like potatoes, beans, and pyrethrum

How do golden monkeys differ from other monkeys?

The face of a golden monkey is visually stunning, and each look into their piercing amber eyes is like seeing the pages of National Geographic come to life. These golden monkeys can socialize, like any other species in their natural habitat, there 2 golden monkey families that are open to public viewing/trekking,

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Golden monkeys in Rwanda

How much does a golden monkey permit cost?

Golden monkey permits cost $100 each and one is required to secure the permit in advance since sometimes all permits get sold out . did you know that there’s an Age limit on going to trek these creatures unlike on the gorilla trek where there’s the age limit to one must be above 15 years of age, it doesn’t matter if you’re an east African resident or an international traveler or if you’re among the senior citizen, the price is the same/uniform?

How do golden monkeys communicate with each other?

Golden Monkeys communicate through gestures using hands, vocalization, and facial expressions. They wave their hands as a way of informing others what they want and their communication is purposeful.

The young ones communicate to show submission to the older ones whereas the males communicate to show that they own the territory and as a sign of aggression. The females communicate to bring the group of monkeys together.

Where do the golden monkeys sleep?

Golden Monkeys live in the open up in trees. They weave many bamboo plants together to make a nest as a home. These bamboo trees are weaved together to make beds for resting after a long day.

What do the golden monkeys feed on?

Golden Monkeys feed in areas where they sleep to make it easy for them to get food.

They are herbivores feeding on plants, fruits, bamboo, shrubs, and larvae found on trees, flowers, branches, shoots, etc.

How do the Golden monkeys live?

Golden monkeys live in groups of 30 to 80 with a male monkey being dominant over the rest in the group. These males transfer from one group to another as well as a mate from all the groups while the females guard only one territory. Golden monkeys’ life span is twenty years.